Meet the new color
Current trends are a definite turn towards nature. The TURNER Oak color perfectly emphasizes modern design styles.
Welcome to the world of our dynamic and innovative company!

TURENWERKE is a place where heads full of ideas meet state-of-the-art technology to create unique solutions for door customers.

A combination of tradition, innovation and creativity in every detail!

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Combining tradition, innovation and creativity in every detail!

We believe that science, creativity and passion are the keys to success, so our design teams are constantly looking for new and innovative solutions that can change the world. Using the latest technological advances, we successfully distribute throughout Europe which allows us to reach a wide range of customers and enable us to meet their needs. The roots of the company go back 100 years, and during this time we have gained invaluable experience in creating doors that combine functionality, security and stylish design. Recent years have seen dynamic development of the company, especially in the demanding western German and Austrian markets. We constantly ensure the highest quality of service for business partners.